Presidents of United States of America — the band

Last Friday night (12/10) I went and saw the Presidents of the United States of America play locally here in Seattle at the Showbox.  That is right they are back with a new album.  I am not sure if a lot of people know this.  I read on their website that the album will come out in Europe at the end of February but it has been out for a couple of months here in the States.  I know they have been keeping it kind of low key but they are going to start to pump up the singles on the radio stations.  The show itself was great.  PUSA always plays like they are just playing for the enjoyment of it all.  I had not seen them since Endfest a few months ago and while many of their jokes are the same in their set they are actually playing more of the new album along with playing some songs that they had not played before (or Chris said they had not played live before).  There was a great cover of a Young Fresh Fellows song; Rock N Roll Pest Control.  They did play at least one song off of the fan club album which was never put out on a major label.  Actually on “election day” they re-released all of their CDs.  It is actually kind of cool because every CD has a bunch of extra songs that were not on the originally albums.  If you do not have some of their work look for the newer versions of the CD.  I am sure that they will be found more at the independent music stores over the mainstream places.  The web is also an option.  As much as I do not like to promote them because the sound quality is so inferior to that of WMA I know you can buy a bunch off of iTunes.

If you are into PUSA you should check out their new website – There is a lot of great information.  For example, The Band returns to London to play the Astoria (tickets at and to the Netherlands at the Mezz (tix at, with more dates to follow in May.  Of course, more US dates are always in the works. 



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