Go Sonics!

Tonight I went to the Laker vs. Sonics game.   The Sonics are on a roll this year and they move their record to 18-4 with the win.  Kobe showed that he is the only start of the Lakers with his 35 points.  One man (even though Kobe really is a jerk) does not make the team however and Rashard Lewis had a season high 37 for the Sonics along with Ray Allen’s 26 to help the Sonics win 108-93.

Kobe played 45 minutes and if he continues to do this every night he is going to wear out before the season is over.  On the Sonics side they activated a few players tonight off of the DL and it was good to see Flip Murray out there agiain.

I am amazed at how well the Sonics are playing this year.  Danny Fortson coming off of the bench is doing a great job.


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