Today was a good day

Today was a good day.

First I had lunch with my friend Lisa.  Lisa is a great person.  I cannot remember a time when we out somewhere and she did not make me laugh.   She has a great wit and is a very motivating person to be around.  As of late we only seem to get together a few times a year but it is always a great time.  It seem liked from lunch on today I was in really good spirits.

This evening I went to the musical the Lion King at the Paramount Theatre.  Disney did an amazing job in taking the movie to the stage.  I went with my youngest brother and sister along with our friend Tiff and we had the whole VIP treatment and sat center stage in the second row next to the stage!  This was all after a great dinner at the Oceanaire.  The food there is so good.  I cannot wait to get off of my diet — after the weight is all off because their desert look very, very good.  I think the highlight of the Lion King was the hyenas. The one that just laughs the whole time just made me laugh the whole show.  The animals in the show are amazing.  The way they integrate the person with the puppet part was very cool.  At the begining of the show they had this huge elephant walk right by us.  There must have been five people inside of it to operate it.

If you have not seen the show in NYC, LA, or as part of the traveling production I really suggest you check it out.  It is well worth the money.  I cannot get the Circle of Life song out of my head, which in this case is a good thing. 


The other great thing from day was that they M’s at least showed some action in trying to improve from as bad as they were last year.  On Wednesday they picked up Washington State native Richie Sexson who was a free agent from the Arizona Diamondbacks for a large sum of $6 mil in signing bonus, $4.5 mil in 2005, 11.5 mil in ’06 and $14 mil each in the last two years of his contract.  Today (on Thursday) they picked up Adrian Beltre who was a free agent from the LA Dodgers in a five year deal that is worth a total of something near $64 mil.  They should have the offense they need now.  I doubt we really have any money left to get the picther we sill need so we will just have to see how far we have come along this year.


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