It has been a strange last day and a half

First I have to ask.  Is anyone reading this at all?  I never get any comments.  Maybe nothing is worth commenting on.  One of the downfalls so far in MSN spaces is that you do not know who has subscribed.  That was the great thing about blogging on the Spoke.  You knew who your readers were along with how many times it had been read.  Maybe once it is out of beta that will be a feature that they add.

OK first I have to say what a great day for the UW basketball team yesterday.  I was at the sold out game where it was fairly loud as the Dawgs defeated a top 10 team (well, nine in one poll and 12 in the other) in a good win over NC State.  It looks like today the Dawgs jumped up in the polls to 17 in the ESPN/Coaches poll (with NC State falling from 9 to 13) and in the AP poll the Dawgs jumped from 18 to 12! (with NC State falling 12 to 16).  Gonzaga, the Huskies only loss, had a great win over GA Tech in Las Vegas and have moved up in the polls a lot.  One thing I really do not understand about the ESPN poll is that Alabama still ranks above the Huskies (currently 14).  Their only loss came from the Dawgs and they have not beaten anyone good in a weaker conference.  Also noteable about the game was all of the people that were there.  Nate McMillian, an NC State player/grad, the coach of the Sonics was there with his son sitting behind the NC State bench.  Wally Walker the GM (or something like that) of the Sonics was there sitting by the UW president and also the new atlethic director.  The new UW football coach was introduced at half time to the roar (or was it bark) of the crowd.  They also had 82 or so former players in the house from the basketball team and it was great to see a bunch of people that I used to watch play all of the time, although there was only two players from when I was actually taking classes.  Last but no least, my brother Nathan was there because he had come home for the holidays with his wife.

Strange thing of the day #1
I had a fortune cookie with no fortune in it today.  I wish I knew what that means.

Strange thing of the day #2
Last week I told someone I work with I made the comment to a co-worker that it seems everywhere I go I seem to run into Steve Balmer, the President of the Microsoft Corp.  The question I have is when to a coincedence become reality.  I am half convinced that he is stalking me.    Just last Friday I come out of the bathroom at the Sonics game and there was Steve Balmer.  Tonight I was doing some Chirstmas shopping and I stopped into Software Etc. and I turn away from the counter and there was Steve Balmer yet again!  He was buying Star Wars Battlefront for the XBOX (sorry if you are one of Steve’s kids and I just ruined your Christmas or something — it is a fun game and I am sure you will enjoy it.  The only downfall is that the live support is kind of lacking and it would have been much better if it was more like Halo than Battlefield 1942).  Now in the interest of full disclosure at the Sonics I was sitting in the same section as Steve, only like three rows behind him and it was the closest bathroom to our section.  Who knows what the odds are of him also being shopping in the Bell Sq. mall??

Speaking of the Bell Sq. mall they now have a Lego store!  I saw now only because I, by nature, hate to shop and advoid the mall whenever possible.  For all I know it could have been their for a year.  They have cool colored legos in there.  They also have a program where if you buy lots of stuff well you get more legos — double points from now until some point in January.


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