A couple of days of catch up

Most of my time has been wrapping up on work this week, shopping for the holidays, and spending time with the family so I am a bit behind on writing anything here.

Tuesday night I went to the UW vs. Sacred Heart basketball game (if you could call it a "game") with my brother Nathan.  For the record Sacred Heart University is in CT.  It was a dunk-fest for the Huskies.  Some of the bench players had more points than the starters and the Dawgs win by 61 points!  I guess that is enough said about the 12th ranked Dawgs.

Thursday night (Christmas Eve eve) after the whole family went out for dinner we headed down to Tacoma to see the Zoo Lights at the Point Definence Zoo and Aquirium.  It was kind of fun to walk around in the dark and enjoy all of the lights they had up.  Thier litte Aquirium was open and the best part was how they showed the moon jellyfish grows from this little thing only a couple of centimeters big up to this large and deadly animal.  Well really it is not deadly as it only gives out a mild sting but it still looks like something you want to avoid.  It was fun to go around and just ask in a crowd of people "Where is Nemo?"  It got a few laughs.  We to take shuttle from the entrance to the parking lot and on the way back I started to sing Christmas carolls in the back of the bus to my sister.  This little girl in front of me joined in and the next thing you know the whole bus is singing jinggle bells at the top of their lungs.  It was a fun Christmas moment.

I am not sure if I should be unhappy with UPS or the companies I ordered things from.  I sent extra money for next day air so everything would arrive by 12/23.  So far I am one for three.  A second package looks like it will be delivered today but it means that I need to drive from my parents back into Seattle to get it from my house.  A third package that I actually paid the most to have shipped and have delivered to my parents house is now schedule to arrive on 12/27.  I think there are going to be some angry calls next week demanding my shipping costs back from Best Buy and also from Musican’s Friend  (this should not spoil any surprise since I am not telling you what I got).


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