Christmas wrap up

A new tradition was started in my family this year.  With a couple of siblings in, or just out of, school and without any real revenue the descion was made that this year you would draw a family name out of a hat and you would be the "secert santa" for that person and get them a gift in the $50 range.  For everyone else in the family you would get a $5 stocking stuffer gift.  This of course broke an older tradition where stocking and gifts from Santa were fair game to open at any time after people went to sleep on Christmas eve (and Santa delivered them) and the time at which it was decided that we all needed to be up the next day.  This year we agreed on a 9 am wake up.  The parents were generous and also got us extra stuff.  Here is what I got in no specific order (my next oldest brother was my secret Santa this year):

Six pairs of short socks to work out in
Six pairs of brief style underware
Military Antique Shop — The Simpsons World of Springfield (WOS) Interactive Environement
Naboo Starfighter Star Wars Christmas ornament (Hallmark)
Boba Fett Star Wars Christmas ornament (Hallmark)
Sarcastic Man — The Simpsons WOS action figure (I actually got two of these)
U of WA throw-style blanket
Running shorts
One of those great "stay dry" workout shirts
Basketball style gym shorts
Regular workout shorts
The Leader Within book by Zigarmi (and others)
Hockey jersey for the Helena Bighorns team
Hockey jersey for the Queen City Cutthroats team (Helena, MT area)
White River Ampitheatre gave me a blanket with a pouch
A framed photo of Sting with Annie Lenox from a White River concert
Windshield whipers for my car
Miss Hoover — The Simpsons WOS action figure
Best Buy gift card
Smart zone energy bars
Assorted candy

All in all it was a great Christmas and I really like everything I got.


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