Odds and Ends

Seattle Hockey
On Monday night I went and saw the Seattle T-Birds take on the second best team in hockey right now (Seattle is actually rated the first) in Leftbridge beat my T-Birds. 
On Wednesday I went and saw the T-Birds beat up on the hated rivals from Everett 3-1 to help the T-Birds increase their lead in the US division.

Asian Tragedy
I saw that MSNBC had the same list of charities that I listed in my blog.  Not sure if this better validates the list I posted or not but if you have not given yet you really should.  120K and rising in the death toll. 

Do not park at the Sea-Tac airport
A good friend of mine, Greg, was late for a business trip a few weeks ago and instead of parking off property at our favorite lot (Master Park) he actually parked in long-term parking in the airport garage.  After spending about 36 hours in Los Angles he returned with a co-worker to where they thought he had parked the car.  It was not there.  If you are a fan of the TV show Sienfeld they had an episode just like this where they spent the whole time walking around a parking garage looking for where they had parked a car at a mall.  In this case it is something like life repeating what happened on a TV show.  He searched levels 5-8 and to no avail could he find his car.  Finally he called security and apparently if you park your car at the airport of more than a few hours they record what stall your car is parked in.  They told him where his car was and when he got there he knew it was not definately where he did not park his car.  Inside he found a few things that were not his including a wallet with just a driver’s license.  Needless to say his nice jacket was missing along with a few small things like some sunglasses and a cup of change.  The Port of Seattle took his information and the wallet but no word on who could have broken into his car, moved it, and took his stuff.  This would never happen if you parked in a lot outside of the airport.

I am boycotting my locale 7-11 store
Over Christmas I broke my ATM card.  As such I had no access to cash and I only had one dollar in my wallet.  I went to the bank and took out a couple hundred dollars and just thought it would be easier to take it in hundreds.  My next stop was the 7-11 which is less than three blocks from my house.  I thought that they might have a problem with a hundred dollar bill so I took a coupld of magazines to the counter and also asked for $5 in the lottery.  My total came to over $17.  I presented them a $100 bill and they said they did not have change for me.  This was 2 pm in the afternoon.  It was not like it was the middle of the night!  They told me what they could do was have me buy an money order for the price of what I wanted to buy and then they would be able to give me change (I did not understand the logic in that) and so I asked them if there was any cost involved and they said it would be a $0.99 charge.  You should not have to pay a dollar because all you have is large bills to pay for things.  Needless to say I am no longer going to visit that 7-11 any time soon.

Hutch Award winner announced
I should blog about this more but I am vollenteering some time on the committee planing the 2005 Hutch Awards which is a big fundraiser for the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.  For those of you who might not have heard of the center it is one of the best cancer centers in the world.  They have three Nobel prize winners on staff doing reasearch and I really believe that in my life-time they will have simple blood tests that will be able to detect cancer.  That is not a cure but your chances of surviving are much higher the eariler that cancer is detected.  Here is a link to the Hutch Awards.  With Trevor Hoffman this years winner (the stud closer for the Padres) and Jim Palmer (the Hall of Fame pitcher for Baltimore) as the guest speaker it should be a great event.


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