New Years Day

Today I got up early because I wanted to start the year with a bang.  I drove out to Sand Point and "ran" the 5K Resolution Run.  I did not do the optional Trip-n-Dip portion where you have the opportunity to run out into Lake Washington a few hundred yards near the finish.  You have to fully submerge yourself before you can get out and end the race.
I got there about a half hour before the race and went I got my number.  I was number 49 which I thought was a bit strange because I had registred on the last day you could pre-register (12/30).  Most people had numbers in the 100s or 200s.  The start of the race was delayed a bit but with the bang of a gun we were off.  I never did see the starting line actually was but where I thought it could be I started my stop watch.  My goal is to run 20 minutes without stopping to walk.  I did it the day before on the treadmill so I thought I could.  Needless to say after about six miutes and my heart rate in the mid 170s I had to stop and walk for a bit.  Shortly after the first mile mark I saw the race leaders returning toward the finsih.  It was only 10 mintues into the race and they were already over two miles into it.  I talked to one guy at the end who said he got third in his division and he did the whole thing in 16 something.  How depressing.  Even though it was a flat course I was suprised to start out with a 10 minute first mile.  Running and walking I hit the two mile mark at about 13:30 minutes later.  Still a bit surprised at how much better I was doing than in the Jingle Bell Run I ran and walked on.  I was somewhat motivated by a 8 year old boy and his mom who I kept passing and in turn they would pass me.  There was also another seven year old girl with her mom just ahead of us.  The boy was not going to be beaten by the girl and I was going to do my best to not to lose to any kids that were within eyesight (I am sure that many, many finished before me).  At some point I guess I got my timing messed up.  I thought I was going to finish right at the 40 minute mark.  When I saw the clock at the end in sight it was still at 38 mintues!  I am going to wait for what the chip time recorded as my offical time but I think I crossed the finish line at 38:23.  Needless to say I ran my fastest race of 2005 .  Actually since was only my second 5K I was amazed that less than three weeks after I ran my first one I was able to knock five minutes off of my personal best time.  I am still faiing to get in 20 minutes of running without walking — maybe I start out too fast.  I doubt it because my heart rate really gets up there.  The next planned run will be the St. Patrick’s Day dash (actually the Sunday before) so I have some time to still work on this.  One thing that hit me on the treadmill yesterday and about half way through the race today (along with the other run, I guess) is that I get a nice sideache.  I need to look up what is the general cause of this and work out the kinks a bit I guess.


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