New Year’s eve

UW vs. Cal
Ernest and I went to the U. of California, at Berkley, vs. U. of Washington basketball game.  The Dawgs played kind of sloppy.  I thought they would win by at least 20 but the 14 point lead the built up in the first half was down to 9 by half time.  With about 10 minutes left in the game the score was tied.  The UW turned it on in the end but still fell short of covering the spread in the game (17 points).  In my opinion there was a lot of turnovers but Coach Romar after the game had nothing but good things to say about his gaurds (who seemed to be making most of the turnovers).  Well it was a win and the UW ended the year 10-1, with that lost to Gonzaga looking better every day, despite the fact that they just lost to Missouri the day before.  After the game I went off to the gym for an end of the year workout.  I did a light 15 mintues on the bike and then ran on the treadmill until ai had put in a 5K in my new running shoses.  My time was 43 mintues.  Tomorrow might not be a good day to run.

The countdown (or rather a review of Meet the Fockers)
My plan was to just spend the evening in and enjoy my traditional New Year’s eve dinner of Chinese food.  Thanks again to everyone that had extended me an invite to their party but since I am still on the diet and not drinking and I was planning on "running" in a race the next day I wanted to just get some work done for work and turn in early.  About 7:30 pm I got a call about going to see a movie and I thought, what the heck, I would still get to bed early enough so I was off to a 9 pm showing of Meet the Fockers.  The movie turned out to be fairly enjoyable.  I thought that they tried to take too much for Meet the Parents such as using the Puff the Magic Dragon as the horn for the RV but the people that I saw it with did not even remember that part of the first movie so maybe I am just being a bit picky.  De Niro can just stand there as the straight guy and be funny.  They might have used that a bit too much but it was still a fun movie.  Dustin Hoffman and Barbra Streisand did a great job as Ben Stiller’s parents.  I had totally forgotten that Owen Wilson was in the first movie, I guess we all forget things about the first one, so it was a surprise to see him in the end of the movie.  He alone makes me laugh.  I started to think that maybe I judged his current film a bit harshly and now I want to see it again.
I got home from the movie at about 11:45 so I decided to stay up and watch the countdown around the Space Needle — I had just dropped off a friend on Queen Anne so I had been driving around it for about 20 mintues before then.  After about two minutes of watching the fireworks go off I was off to bed.  Good times! 


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