Audiovox SMT5600 cell phone

So for awhile now I have been thinking about getting the Audiovox SMT5600 cell phone.  I wanted my next cell phone to have a camera, which this one does but this one has a lot of cool other features and since I am in a Windows connected world I like the fact that it uses the Microsoft Smartphone OS.  Does anyone have one or have thoughts about it?  I also like the fact that it has Windows media player 10 installed so that you can play back recorded shows off of a Media Center PC. 
One of the big things that is causing me to not already go out and get it is AT&T and what I consider enormous rates when it comes to data.  I thought the merger of AT&T wireless with Cingular would make things better but this does not seem to be the case at all.  In fact when you go into one of their stores and talk with the sale reps it is very appearent that they are still very different.  I have been a few Cingular stores and the first time I just asked about the buzz on the phone and the feedback I got was that people really were not buying them they were more interested in the new Motorola Razor, a super thin, phone.  Not a ringing endorcement.  Earlier this week I went in to a different store and asked about pricing plans.  The first thing I was told was that it was on the AT&T plan and NOT Cingular.  But y’all are the same company?, I asked.  "Well we share the same cell towers and stuff like that." was the responce.  OK fine everyone has a $29.99 or $39.99 minute plan so let us talk about data, how much is that going to cost?  Unlimited is $24.99 a month.  WOW!  I think for my cable modem I only pay $40 and now I am being asked to pay $25 a month just to bring data to my cell phone.  It just seems kind of crazy.  "Well we do have a one meg plan that is only $7.99."  Of course that is not going to work.  I am sure I get more than one mega of email each day.  How can I really justify it?  Cingular has cheaper data plans and no one can really explain why you do not get to pay those rates.  I still think Cingular’s rates are high but what can you really do?  AT&T is the only one that has the phone.  It really is a bummer that T-Mobile does not have the phone because they seem to have the least expensive data rates.  The have some great Pocket PC phones including one with a camera but the form factor just seems to big for me to carry around.
Please let me know what you think and if you have this phone what are the big pros and cons about it.


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