“In Good Company” movie thoughts

I saw the movie In Good Company yesterday and I can honestly say I liked it.  I am never good about keeping spoilers out of anything I write so if you are worried about something I might write you should stop reading now.
I have to say I can really relate to many aspects of this movie which is the story about Dennis Quaid as a 51 ad salesman for a sports magazine and also family man with a daughter transfering to the expensive NYU and another child on the way to make three kids in the family who learns that when the company he works for is bought by a major corporation his new boss is a 26 year old that is to replace him as head of the sales team.  Topher Grace who most people know from the TV show That 70’s Show place his new boss.  Topher’s character is an up and comer but knows nothing about sales.  At the same time his seven month marriage has come to an end.  At a cross roads in his life he ends up in many ways looking to Quaid’s character as a mentor and also a missing father figure.  He struggles through trying to get ad revenues up in the company while downsizing the people who work there.  Additionally he falls in love with Scarlett Johansson who plays Quaid’s 19 or early 20 something daughter, something that Quaid does not know.  I cannot believe that Scarlett is not yet 21 years old — November 2005.  She has a lot of grace beyond her years.  I will not spoil the ending but it was good that it was not a perfect cookie cutter ending.  Paul Weitz has written and also directed some movies with a far amount of comedy and it was good to see that things were not too over the top in this movie.  I think it is worth the price of $6-8 for a movie.  Go see it after you have seen all of the good Golden Globe and Oscar movies you have not seen yet.


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