Basketball weekend

Saturday night it was off to see the Huskies play the Beavers of Oregon St.  The game was close early on.  A back and forth battle and it was tied 20-20.  Washington went on a big run and at half time it was 56-26!  It is not very often you go on a 36-6 run.  What an amazing run.  After half time it was odd that OSU’s coach did not come back out with the team.  On Sunday I learned that he was taken to the hostpital with chest pains.  Thank God he was fine and he left Seattle today.  I guess playing the Dawgs can give you a little stress.  The final score was 108-68.  Trey Simmons lead the Dawgs with 26 and he sat the last 8 or 10 minutes.  The most impressive to me was Jamaal Williams who had 24 points in only 17 minutes.  Both of the polls have the Dawgs at 10th in the nation this week.  Go Dawgs!

On Sunday evening I was off to see the Sonics play.  LeBron James was in town with the Cleveland team and I wanted to check out just how good this kid is (he just recently turned 20).  Let me say that he might have the quickest first step in the league right now.  He is just that good.  Antonio Daniels played great defense on him but LeBron still got 35 points with many points coming in transition.  He only had three three pointers.  Overall it was a back and forth battle until the forth quarter when the Sonics stepped up and took the lead for good.  Another Sonics win 105-97.  The Sonics are rolling and have done really well against the East and West leaders so far this year.  Tuesday night I will be in the house when Carmelo Anthony comes to town with the Nuggets.


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