Apple cup part I to the Dawgs in b-ball

On Sunday I went to see the Huskies take on the Cougs in part I of the Apple Cup of basketball.  Personally I felt the crowd was kind of dead and many of the seats were empty.  I talked to many people that had stayed home to watch the football playoffs.  The game itself was somewhat borning.  WSU plays a style of ball where they almost walk the ball up the court.  I was impressed that the Huskies had 31 points at half time considering the slow pace.  It was great to see that the Dawgs ran the lead up to over 20 at times in the second half and the defense really came through for the top 10 team in the country.  The Cougs are young and I expect good things at of them in the next few years.  If they keep up the way they have played they will actually make the Pac-10 tournament.  At the end the Dawgs won by 18 and held WSU to a low score. 
This week is is a tough week for the Huskies.  They travel to the Arizona schools.  On Thursday they play the Wildcats who are ranked 11 in the nation and also are tied with Huskies atop the Pac-10.  It should be a fun game with an early 5:30 pst start.

PS.  I never wrote a blog entry on this but I went to the Sonic’s game last week against Denver.  Having seen LeBron James a few days earlier I was a bit disappointed in the play of Carmelo Anthony.  He actually got hurt in the game and did not return.  The Sonics lost which was a real bummer and it was only the second time they lost when I had been to a game this year.  The lost again later in the week but beat up on Utah yesterday to keep up their record of not losing three games in a row this year.


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