Oscar thoughts at first reaction

Ok I am going to think about this more as we get closer to the day of the Oscars but yesterday I finally saw the last film need to make a judgement on all five films, in this case Million Dollar Baby.  Actually I have seen all of the nominations in the month of January except for Ray which I saw went it first came out.  I want to see it again to put it more in context and it comes out on DVD this Tuesday so that should make it easy to put it back fresh in my mind.  Right now here is my thinking:

1,  Million Dollar Baby — Great story with a third act that will suprise you if you have not read the reviews or know the story (which was the case for me when I saw it).  The acting was great but I wonder if the the buddy picture part will play all that well for people that never saw Unforgiven.  I guess the Academey voters all saw it so why should I even pose the question.

2.  Sideways/Ray/Finding Neverland — Ok this is a cop out I know but these three are kind of grouped together in my mind right now.  I liked the stories in all three, the acting in all three, and while they were shot differently I like they way the all were shot. 

3.  The Aviator — I thought this was too long.  I cannot think of part of the story that I would cut to make it shorter it just seem to go on too long for me.  The story was good and was interesting and it was shot well.  Maybe in the end it is just that I do not see DiCaprio as an older guy and that kind of turned me off of this Scorsese film.


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