Dawgs crush USC!!

Thursday night I went to Hec Ed to watch the #13 in the nation Huskies beat up on the USC Trojans, a team whose season just seems to be getting worse as it goes on.  The final score was 99-69 but the Huskies just dominated and if they had not pulled their starters it would have been much worse.  I think with six minutes left in the game the Huskies had a 40 point lead and already had 92 points.  I was kind of bummed that they did not crack 100 points.  The place was packed as it has been for most of the season but for some strange reason the two seats on either side of me were vacant.  At halftime they honored the UW volleyball team which won the Pac-10 and made it to the final four.  They were young this year and should be good next year.

Behind the USC bench was Robert Swift who was the first round draft pick for the Sonics this year.  If they had not drafted the 18 year old out of high school he had committed or was a least leaning toward going to USC.  I know he stay through half time but I looked over where he was sitting with 11 minutes left in the second half and he was not sitting there anymore.  I guess he had already seen enough.

Speaking of people in the crowd I forgot to say that Brett Boone and freshly signed to a minor league contract with the Seattle Mariners, Jeff Nelson were both at the Huskies last home game.  Actually I forgot to say that Brett Boone was sitting in the second row at center court at the Sonics game on Monday night.  My housemate had pointed out it looked like he was pounding the beers but then at second glance we saw that he was just using the glass as spittoon.  I thought major league players were not supposed to chew?  Maybe the rule only applies in the dugout and on the field.

Bring on UCLA so the Dawgs can avenge a loss.  WSU "couged" a loss to UCLA tonight and had a three point lead with six seconds left in the game but could not play defense long enough to stop UCLA from going the length of the court to tie it up and then win in over time.


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