Valentine’s Day list of Don’ts

The Seattle PI had a great list of Valentine’s Day don’ts.  Here is a link to the full list.  It might help someone with some last minute advice.

I copied #14 and include it here because I already kind of had this idea as a single guy.
"14. DON’T neglect yourself if you’re unattached — express a little love for yourself or your single friends. Go out for a movie/drinks with your pals. Or arrange a special night for yourself: Splurge on a fancy, home-cooked meal and lavish time upon yourself or a long-neglected, much-loved project (like that half-finished painting, etc.)."

My idea last week was to send out an evite to all of my single friends (and those who have their SO in some other time zone) for a night out at the Garage for drinks and maybe a little bowling or pool.  If you are reading this blog then you are my friend.  Bring your friends and come on out to the Garage.  We should be there by 7:30 pm and will stick around until people get tired.  No excuses about it being a work or school night!  Do not be lame and sit home alone.  While I tried to invite a balance of guys and gals it is very unbalanced right now so hopefully more guys will show up to balance things out (as if this was really a bad thing for me — just kiding ladies, who would hit on their friends but then again my friends can hit on my friends — that is fine.)

  Happy Valentine’s day. 

I will try to remember to bring my camera and take some photos.



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