Congrats to Brandi Carlile (local girl done good)

OK I have to admit that I have yet to see Brandi Carlile in concert.  She is a local Seattle singer who if I had to put a label on her style and I hate to put labels on peoples or bands, is a lot like Melissa Etheridge.  Anyway a little bird told me that she is going to name one of the 10 artists to watch in 2005 by Rolling Stone magazine.  Let me say you read it hear first because I have no idea when it will be published.  Stats show that three of the ten they name hit it really big with people like John Mayer or Norah Jones on the list in the last year or so.  Check out her website and look for the feedback coming out of the SXSW show in March.  I think she is on Columbia records so I assume that they will start to pump her up big also.  It is good to see a local Washington state native make a big splash in music.

Speaking of local music there are some good local show this weekend.  In Redmond at the Old Firehouse on Friday 2/25 there is a good show with the Divorce, Schoolyard Heroes, and others.
Saturday you need to decide between going to the Chop Suey to see Smoosh with Aqueduct and Mates of State or at Studio 7 you can see the Lashes with Idiot Pilot and the Cops.

Speaking of SXSW 2005 along with Brandi Carlile, the Lashes, Smoosh, Idiot Pilot, and Aqueduct will all be playing down there as people you could see today before they are fully "big".  The full list of Washington bands can be found here that are scheduled to play.


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