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So this will be all old news to anyone that is interested but for the record I wanted to make sure I got this in my blog.  Feel free to skip this one.  The next will be new and interesting I promise.

At the UW vs. USC men’s basketball game the team from EA Sports was in the house doing audio recording.  I can only think that in NCAA March Madness 2006 by Electronic Arts that you will hear my voice cheering on the Huskies or perhaps booing the Trojans.
At the Sonics vs. Bobcats game there were a couple of Mariners in the house.  Minor league contract but Spring Training invite, Jeff Nelson, was sitting in a suite with his kids.  Sitting courtside was Bucky Jacobsen and he was brought out during a time-out to hit small basketballs into the stands with a bat.  He did really well hitting many into the second deck.  Looked like he had recovered from his surgery and was ready to play.
The poor T-Birds.  I cannot remember the last time I went to a game that they won.  For being the first place team they really are not playing well coming to the end of the season.  The games in the last few weeks have been a bit rough.
I got to sit in a suite when the Sonics played the Kings.  It was a great back and forth game that the Sonics pulled away in the end to win.  It was also the game where we saw Danny Forrson’s temper when he threw a chair after getting kicked out of the game.  It was hard to watch the game too closely as the Dawgs were struggling to win over the Ducks in overtime on the TV.  Maybe the best part of the evening was that I won an autographed photo by Luke Ridnour.
Thanks to everyone that came out to bowling on Valentine’s Day.  I put the photos that were taken up under the blog entry on Valentine’s Day don’ts.  I have no idea why they do not show up on the My Blog photos area and only show up on that posting.  Seems to be a bug in MSN spaces.
Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom was a cool little play at the Seattle Rep.  It is a great story about how things were in the 1920s to be an African American.  The Seattle Rep does a great job with their plays



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