Man of the House movie review

Ok maybe it is not a movie review per se but just my general thoughts on the movie Man of the House.  I was a bit fearful that all of the funny parts of the movie were scenes that you could see in the trailer.  Fortunately this was not the case although it might have been a little more funny if I had not seen the trailer.  I should say that I like Tommy Lee Jones as an actor and he does well with his grumpy comedy type of rolls.  Cedric the Entertainer was kind of the X factor in the movie.  If you like him then you will like his part in the movie, which is small.  Personally I am not a fan nor a detractor but the movie could of gone without his scenes and still be fine.  I think they did a good job casting the cheerleaders in that they had not been in a ton of movies before this movie so they were “fresh faces”.  The story seems to flow well and there are not big dead holes.  The movie is fun and a good escape of time.  Overall I would give it about three stars out of five.  It kept me interested and the crowd laughed enough to convince me that others would like it also however I should say that I bet most people really wanted to see it being the first day and all and the fact that the Seattle paper did not have a review to sway people either way.


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