Oscar picks

Ok here are my Oscar picks.  A few weeks ago I wrote in a blog entry that I thought Million Dollar Baby was the best film but I wanted to see Ray again just to be sure since I had seen the rest in a short timespan.  Well I went out and bought Ray but never watched it.  I am so lame.  I never realized how lame I was until I went to go through the picks and realized there is still a fair number of movies I never saw such as most of the docs, the animation, Hotel Rwanda, or Being Juliisa.  What follows is my somewhat educated guesses who should win, not really who I would like to see win.  In many categories they are flat out guesses.  I promise not to modify my blog after the post which is kind of a lame thing about blogs is that if you post it and then edit it the orgininal time stamp is still there. 

Best Actress: Annette Bening (I never saw it but I think it might be a reversal with Hillary Swank) Swank won
Best Actor: Jamie Foxx
Supporting Actress: Virginia Madsen  Cate Blanchett won
Supporting Actor: Morgan Freeman
Best Picture: Million Dollar Baby
Directing: Million Dollar Baby
Cinematography: The Aviator
Music (original score): The Passion of the Christ  Finding Neverland won
Music (song): Accidently in Love  Al Otro Lado Del Rio won
Documentary feature:  Born in Brothels (it was the only one I saw of the bunch)
Documentary short: The Children of Lenengradsky (total guess)  Mighty Times: The Children’s March won
Adapted Screenplay: Sideways
Original Screenplay: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Animated Film: The Incredibles
Foreign Language: The Sea Inside (total guess)
Film Editing: Finding Neverland  The Aviator won
Visual Effects: I, Robot  Spider-Man 2 won
Short Film (Live): Little Terrorist (total guess)  WASP won
Short Film (Animated): Guard Dog (total guess but I wanted to see this one)  Ryan won
Art Direction: Finding Neverland  The Aviator won
Costume Design: Finding Neverland  The Avitor won
Makeup: The Passion of the Christ  Lemony Snicket’s A series of unfortunate events won
Sound Editing: Spider-Man 2 The Incredibles won
Sound Mixing: The Aviator  Ray won

Boy I really sucked this year.  I only got 10 correct.  Maybe people should not look to me for movie reviews or adivce on films.


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