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White River Amphitheatre

The White River Amphitheatre is a great concert venue in Auburn, WA.  There are 10000 seats under cover and another 10000 places on the grass where you can enjoy a concert.  Only a half hour drive from Seattle this is … Continue reading

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Thoughts on the LEGO Star Wars video game

Like many boys in their thirties two of my favorite things were LEGOs and the Star Wars movies growing up.  Years later LEGO actual came out with branded Star Wars LEGOs.  They even have cool models but it is hard … Continue reading

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T-Birds 2, Americans 0

Monday night I went to the second playoff game between the Seattle Thunderbirds and the Tri-city Americans.  This was not the five period affair that the two teams had in their first game.  For the second game in a row … Continue reading

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Does the Microsoft XBOX team really “get” HD?

I have been meaning to write about this for while ever since I watched J Allard speech from this year’s GDC.  J talks about how the XBOX team "gets" High Definition television.  I am not so convinced.  I guess we … Continue reading

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Easter Sunday Sonics

My Dad agreed to go to the Sonics game with me against the Bullets, I mean the Washington Wizards tonight.  Of note was the fact that Danny Fortson was not in the building at all.  Vladimir Radmonovic who is out … Continue reading

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T-Birds 1, (Tri-city) Americans 0

Saturday night I went to the first round playoff game between the Seattle T-Birds and the Tri-city Americans.  The T-Birds are the US division champs so we get to play the worst seeded team.  The Americans got off to a … Continue reading

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I am now on Skype

I have been reading about Skype for a long time now and I finally went to go and install it.  I really like the idea of calling friends outside of the states, not because I am cheap, but because I … Continue reading

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I got a “letter” from the IRS

Crap!  Right before I went on vacation I got this letter, well maybe more like a thick package, from the IRS.  The good news I am NOT being audited.  The bad news is that the Department of Treasury sent me … Continue reading

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Lots of cool things come out of side projects of people that work in Redmond.  There are some things I really love about the people that work on the over side of the lake at Microsoft.  I added my blog … Continue reading

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Thoughts on the movie “Beauty Shop”

On 3/16 I went to a free preview showing of the movie Beauty Shop  What follows is more of my thoughts than a movie review.  As always this main contain spoilers so if this is an issue for you stop … Continue reading

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