Cool play you should check out — “The women in black (a ghost play)”

Tonight I went and saw the play The Women In Black (A Ghost Play) play at the ACT Theatre in Seattle.  It runs through March 20th and it is well worth checking out.  It is done as theatre in the round which is always fun.  The ACT theatre does a great version of Dicken’s A Christmas Story and this play did not disappoint either.  I should say that they ghost story is a bit of a warning that it might be a bit scary.  My friend that invited me to go had said she saw it in London and it was much scarier there so if you had heard that it was loud and scary there it is much more tame here in Seattle.  The two actors in the play do a great job keeping you interested and really draw you into the story.  I will not ruin the ending but I did find it a bit predictable.  None the less it was still very enjoyable.


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