Thoughts on the movie “The Pacifier”

Yesterday I went to a free showing of the movie The Pacifier which stars Vin Diesel.  Instead of writing a movie reivew I thought I might just write a few thoughts.  When I saw it there was two free showing going on.  The first theatre was full of people who got their passes from the local Radio Disney radio station (the filme is a Disney product) or the local TV show Northwest Afternoon.  That line was full of kids who looked really excited to see the film.  My line and theatre was the local hip-hop station and I had gotten my pass when they were giving them away at a Husky basketball game.  Needless to say the kids in the theatre I saw it in really enjoyed the film.  They laughed at most of the jokes from begining to end.  I will not be entirely surprised if the critics kind of pan the movie.  I sat by a few and they never really laughed at all.  The second group that seemed to laugh a bunch were the parents.  If you are a little kid or a parent of kids I bet you will enjoy the 90 minutes of the movie.  I thought it was OK but single people my age might just want to pass and wait for it to be out on cable or rental.  I guess the only exception would be those that lust after Vin Diesel.  He is without a shirt for more than a few scenes in the film and if that is your cup of tea then you should go check it out.  Personally I laughed a bit but the cuts in the movie seem a bit rough.  Also there is kind of a big dead spot toward the begining of the third act that I think even the kids might have noticed a bit but between that and the cuts there was a bit of a lack of flow in the movie.  I should say that the young actors in the movie did a good job and so did Vin in what I think is his first true comedy — although he has a fair amount of action.  The rest of the supporting cast is good also.  Kudos to Brad Garrett who does a great job as the vice principal/wrestling coach.


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