Thoughts on the movie “Be Cool”

I went preview screening of the move Be Cool a couple of days before it came out.  What follows ais more of my thoughts than a movie review and as always I cannot promises that there are not spoilers in what follows.  Let me say that I enjoyed the film.  While as not funny as Get Shorty I still laughed a bunch.  Someone had asked me if you need to have seen it to see Be Cool and I think this movie can stand on its own.  In my opinion they made this film more to just have fun and make sure the audience had fun.  You almost half expect them at times to look directly into the camera and wink or talk directly to the audience.  Much had been made about the fact that Uma Thurman and John Travolta dance again in a movie like they did in Pulp Fiction in my opinion this is really overplayed but at the same goes towards my idea that they made the movie more in fun than anything else.  I think Vince Vaughn was worth the price of admission for this film.  He is really funny and while at times I think he has too much of himself in roles and not enough of a character he did a great job and carries out many of the laughs.  The Rock was also amazing in what he pulled off in his role as a gay actor/singer trying to break into the business.  André 3000 of the band Outkast fame also does a great job.  I was worried that Cedric the Entertainer would kind of detract from the movie since I am not a big fan of his but he surprised me and did fine.  Steven Tyler and the who Aerosmith band where fun to see in the movie.  Christina Milian did a great job and boy has she been busy have a big role in this move and also in Man of the House.
The plot keeps moving and the story itself if fun.  I did enjoy the many bit parts and how they tied in “real” people from the music industry with those in the movie.  Seth Green has a small part as the video director and he just makes me laugh.
The review in the Seattle Times totally dogged the film but I think they got it wrong.  As I wrote above it is more of a fun two hours than anything else.  We are not talking Oscar acting here but people having fun.  Perhaps because it was a preview showing and the people really wanted to be there (or were just happy to go to a free movie) but I heard one person comment on the way out that they had not laughed that much in a long time.  I am not sure I could completely share that feeling but I did laugh a bunch and enjoyed the film which was good enough for me contrary to what was written up in the local paper.


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