Thoughts on the movie “Guess Who”

On 3/15 I went to a free preview showing of the movie Guess Who.  What follows is more of my thoughts than a movie review.  As always this main contain spoilers so if this is an issue for you stop reading now.  Guess Who is the new comedy staring Bernie Mac and Ashton Kutcher.  The movie itself made me laugh enough in that I would recommend it to others.  Going in I thought it might be kind of dumb and it turned out better than that.  Bernie Mac did a really go job in it.  I do not go out of my way to watch his show on Fox but he seemed to be a step above what you see on that show (which may be for you not saying much).  I also tend to have mixed feelings about Ashton.  He did well but I think Mac carried the movie more.  Like many comedies today, many of the bigger laughs can be seen in the trailer for the film but there are a few funny other moments.
The story is that of Kutcher going home to meet the parents of his black girlfriend on the eve of their 25th wedding anniversary and vows renewal.  She has not told her parent he is white so needless to say this comes as a surprise.  Kutcher is also keeping it a surprise that he has just quit his job.  Yet a third secret is that the two are to announce they are engaged to be married.  Most of the comedy is in Kutcher trying to impress his girlfriend’s father and in the father coming to terms with the fact that his daughter is in love with a white boy.  There is a set of not very PC jokes about blacks that Kutcher tells that seem to get the biggest laughs from the audience.  At the end of the second act of the movie both Ashton and Bernie have problems with their SO that they need help from each other to resolve.  This of course creates a bond between them that helps to resolve thing in the end.
If you want a laugh I say go check it out.  It comes out next Friday.


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