Thoughts on the movie “Beauty Shop”

On 3/16 I went to a free preview showing of the movie Beauty Shop  What follows is more of my thoughts than a movie review.  As always this main contain spoilers so if this is an issue for you stop reading now.  Beauty Shop is the new comedy staring Queen Latifah and was by the team that did the Barber Shop comedies.  Personally I thought the Barber Shop movies had a few laughs but I would say they were not on my top 10 list or anything so this was my mindset when I went into the film.  Beauty Shop is first and foremost a “chick flick”.  I am not sure a lot of guys are going to like it all that much.  I laughed a few times here and there but as a whole it had a big female slant.  Also I was a bit surprised by some of the content in the movie.  Maybe I was just in a prudish mood but some of the topic for conversation was surprisingly sexually explicit.  Maybe this is what women really talk about in a beauty shop but it kind of surprised me — the talk seemed like something more than PG-13 and more like an R rating.  As actors Latifah did a good job.  Kevin Bacon has a funny role but it is more in his appearance than anything he brings to the table.  It had been awhile since I had seen Alicia Silverstone in anything and she did a great job as the white hick who is trying hard to be accepted by all of the black women in the beauty shop.
The plot seem to have some big holes in it and in the end it just kind of quickly resolved itself for an ending.  The co-worker I went with really did not like it.  She made the comment that it was hard to understand the relationships between a few of the characters.  I saw this same comment on IMDB so it sounds like this might be another problem with the movie.  I guess I was not thinking about this because it was not an issue for me.
Overall I would say that if you enjoyed the Barber Shop movies you still might want to wait for video or cable to see this film.  I would not pay $7 to see it.  If you must it comes out on 3/30.


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