Easter Sunday Sonics

My Dad agreed to go to the Sonics game with me against the Bullets, I mean the Washington Wizards tonight.  Of note was the fact that Danny Fortson was not in the building at all.  Vladimir Radmonovic who is out for the rest of the year was at least in street clothes behind the bench for the Sonics.  The Soncs were leading at the end of the first.  At the half they were down by six.  They got down by 12 in the third but were only down by 8 at the end of three.  They came out like gangbusters on the fourth and the lead would go from tied to one team taking up to a six point lead.  With about 15 seconds lef in the game the Sonics had the ball and were down by one.  The could not get it to fall and as a bummer they lose 95-94.  The Sonics really seem to be playing poor defense this game.  Larry Hughes went off on the Sonics and scored 31 with 11 boards.  My dad pointed out just how bad the Soncis played when from a set offense he was just ablle to drive the baseline for a dunk!  This was the game where the Sonics could have locked themselves into the playoffs.  I guess that will wait for another day.


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