T-Birds 1, (Tri-city) Americans 0

Saturday night I went to the first round playoff game between the Seattle T-Birds and the Tri-city Americans.  The T-Birds are the US division champs so we get to play the worst seeded team.  The Americans got off to a quick 0-1 lead in the first period but the T-Birds were able to tie it up.  In the second the Americans took the lead again and the T-Birds looked like they were playing uninspired hockey.  In the third period the T-Birds got a lucky goal and so it was tied 2-2.  Unlike a regular season game where there is a short break and then you play sudden death in the playoffs they take the full 15 minute breaks between periods.  The fourth period had no scores after 20 minutes.  Another 15 minute break!  In the fifth period the T-Birds scored the winning goal about 6 minutes in!  The interesting stat of the game was actually the total number shots on goal; 70-49.  119 total shots on goal.
The second playoff game is in Seattle on Monday night (3/28).  If you are not doing anything you should head on down.  Even for a Saturday night there were not a ton of people at the game.


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