Have a cold? Take zinc!

Ok I am not sure if I have wrote about this before or not so forgive me if I wrote about this in my blog in the past.  This has been the worst Winter and I guess Spring for me, for having colds.  I talked to my doctor one day and he suggested something called Cold-Eeze as a preventative measure to help beat colds and I have to say that it works really well.
At the first sign of a cold you are supposed to start taking the product.  I have found that it greatly reduces the time that I actually have a cold.  If you get it in the sugar-free form it is a small tablet that you let dissolve in your mouth.  They recommend 16 doses, one an hour during the day.  The tablet is basically zinc gluconate glycine.  I have found that it really does wonders for your basic cold but not as much help when you have a cold and flu.  The only thing you need to look out for is that you take the tablets with citrus fruits or juices a half hour before or after you take a tablet.  This basically means you can either drink your OJ to help with your cold or you can take zinc.


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