Saturday baseball and I catch a ball

Today, Saturday it was back to Safeco field for another game against the Rangers.  I like 1 pm starts and it was a nice sunny day but my seats were in the shade at the start of the game.  Texas took an early lead but then the M’s came back on an error late in the game by their pitcher.  Going into the ninth we were up 6-3 but between a Boone error and a couple of homeruns the M’s went on to lose 7-6.  At the bottom of the eight inning you could see it had gotten really dark in the clouds and they had already turned on the stadium lights about an inning before, it started to sprinkle.  My the time the bottom of the ninth had started it was downright pouring rain.  They started the closing of the roof and I swear it never seem to move so slow.  Texas made a pitching change and I could not tell if they did it just to wait out the closing of the roof or not but we all got wet waiting for out chance to come back — good times in the ballpark.  The highlight of the day was that I caught a ball.  At the end of an inning if the last out is made at first base then Sexson will toss the ball up into the crowd.  The ball came up a little to my right and popped up as the people in the row in front of me kind of tipped it up.  I turned around and gave the ball to the daughter of a guy I know who works in the Xbox group at Microsoft who sits a couple of rows behind me.  Actually there are a lot of Microsoft people that seem to sit in the same section as I do.  I came across a blog entry of a guy I found out sits one row behind me that talked about Sexson vs. Olerud who was the previous first baseman and how and who he would through the ball too.  My theory was that Johnny “baseball” Olerud never threw me the ball because I am a Husky and he went to WSU as a cougar.  I joked with him about it a few times and I know that this is not the case.  He had thrown the ball to my “little brother” from Big Brothers/Big Sisters so I know he was not anti-me.  Sexson has been very random so far and still twice today he rolled the ball back to the mound at the end of an inning.  His tosses are kind of random also and I do not think he is looking for any specific kids.  The length of his toss into the crowd has not been that random as in the first two games of the year our row has picked up two balls.  The opening day balls are special because they actually have a stamp on them that say opening day.


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