Welcome Bethany Therese!

So on Wednesday via email and phone calls I learned that my brother’s wife had elevated blood pressure and the next day for the sake of her and the baby they were going to induce labor the next day.  Thursday they went through the paces but the baby decided s/he (the sex as still unknown to all including the parents or so they say) was just not ready to come out yet.  Friday, however, they decided to try again and this time everything went as planned.  I got the phone call from my brother as I was walking into Safeco field to a belated celebration of my birthday with a bunch of friends and coworkers.  My brother asked for my dad and I told him I was still about 10 minutes away from the seats and to call back.  Needless to say he would not tell me anything until he had talked to the first time grandpa (our mom is currently traveling through parts of Europe with her sister and niece thinking that the birth was still weeks away when they planned their trip).  Ten minutes later I answer the phone and find my dad in the seats and hand him the phone.  It is then back to me and for the first time I am an uncle!  Mom and the baby are doing fine.
Bethany Therese was born in Helena, MT at 5:17pm on 4/8/05.  She was 19 and ¾ inches in size and weighed six pounds and 15 ounces.  I attached a picture of Beth and I make no comments if she looks like her mom or dad (let the debates begin!).  I am just happy that “BTB” is alive and well and a welcome addition to the world.
Clearly I am the best and favorite Uncle in the bunch (I make no appologies to my other brother or my brother’s wife sister’s husband but this is how it is going to be).


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