Need a website designed for you?

My friend Laura has a great business building interactive websites.  If you live in Los Angles or the Bay area and need a website built up you really should check out her company; Avid Exposure.  Actually you do not have to be in that area but that is where they are busy these days.  They have done some great work building sites for a large range of things.  They have some great sites for musical stars (and up and coming stars), actors, and civic groups.  In addition to providing graphic and web design services, they also offer hosting management, printing, marketing services, content writing and new media consulting services.

Check them out and tell them that you read about it in my blog.  Laura is a really sweat person and she will really get to know you and understand your needs.  Here is her contact info.  I am really proud of the company she has put together.  I am sure she will be able to meet your needs.


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