SPOT watch bug

About a year ago I won a SPOT watch in an auction.  SPOT is a Microsoft technology that they use to send information over radio towers to watches and I guess soon to things like travel clocks.  Microsoft has radio towers in most major cities so it can keep in sync.  I like to use my when I travel.  I get to a new city and while it would be really easy to switch to the local time zone by myself it is nice to just have it adjust.  You get weather and news.  When I am on vacation I never have time to read the paper or watch TV so it is nice to take a glance at my watch and see what is going on in the world.  I can find what I should wear for the day by checking the weather forecast.  I also like the fact that I can get movie times.
Last fall I wrote a blog enty about what I consider a bug in my SPOT watch in that for the movie listings they do not fall the simple rules of English grammar.  They still not have fixed this bug by the way if you search to the letter “T” in the movie listings it shows:
The Aviator
The Pacifier
The Ring Two
The Upside of Anger
Hey Microsoft none of these movie listings begin with the letter “T” because you are supposed to ignore articles in titles, please look at Fandago and how they list movies alphabetically if you still do not understand (or talk to your team that does cable box software because they seem to do it right).

The latest bug I have with my SPOT watch is with a new watch face.  I downloaded the Monogram Bling watch face which in theory should let you set the monogram to any letter combination you want.  By default it is “AAA”.  I switched it to my initials and then later I went to go through the channels on the watch to check the news.  When I got back to time I noticed that the monogram was set back to “AAA”.  What the hell?  If you just switch through watch faces on the watch the changes you make to the monogram persist it is only when you change channels (which is in my mind a more common user action than switching watch faces).  Looks like Microsoft needs to hire some better people for the QA department.  To be fair other people with SPOT watches are not seeing the problem.  It only seems to be hitting people with Sunnto watches, I have the n3 model.  It is kind of disappointing though that they cannot get this right.


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  1. David says:

    Interesting..I thought about getting one of those in my neverending search for the next gadget. I did manage to borrow one, but didn\’t like it much. Just not for me, although I do like the idea.

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