Sunday baseball with the M’s

When will sport fans ever learn!?  A few years ago a fan was taken out of a Cubs game by security for leaning out a taking away a foul ball that would have given the Cubs an out in a playoff game.  Today a fan who was sitting in basically the first row down the right field line took a ball away from Ichiro.  People!  When the visiting team is hitting and you are that close to the field you should be sitting on your glove!  DO NOT put it on and do not catch the foul ball!!  I cannot convince myself that that fan cost the M’s the game but it prolonged a rally for sure.  Meche struggled again for the M’s and after the game they are talking of inflammation and stiffness in his shoulder.  The M’s did rally back from being five runs down to Texas and they took the lead 6-5 to only see it go away on a homerun giving off by Matt Thornton in the top of the eighth.  The M’s finish their first home stand 2-4.  Sexson hit the ball well and was robbed of a home run by the umpires in the game but in the end a loss is still another loss.  

I could have caught another ball today – from Winn, not Sexson, but I knew there were kids in the rows behind me so I did not even jump for it.  You should have see on the young boys face when the ball went right into his glove.  Very cool.


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