Microsoft shuttles

Having lots of friends and, I guess, a few enemies working on the east side of the lake at Microsoft I find myself on the Redmond campus quite often.  To move employees between buildings they have what I like to call “short buses”.  If you happen to be lucky enough to have an interview they have special shuttles for you that say recruit shuttle on the side and in the last few years those have been minivans.  Last week I noticed that they have ditched the minivans and gone with a hybrid vehicle.  I think they are Toyota Prius but it could be the other small hybrid car.  All of the shuttles are white and it was neat to see a bunch of new white hybrids driving around campus.  Maybe they did it for the environment; maybe they did it because gas prices are so crazy right now.  As a shareholder in the company I do not care.  I am just happy that they are not driving minivans around anymore.  Now if they could do something about those “short busses”.  I love when Microsoft does something like this.


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