Gatsbys American Dream CD release party

Before I headed off to the Sonics game I took in the CD releaes party for Volcano the latest CD from Gatsbys American Dream.  On their website it said that the Lashes and the Divorce were going to play but this was not the case when I got to the show.   I did see about half of the Lashes band hanging out in the bar area, however.
The El Corazón was the venue for the show.  This has been known as the Graceland for many years and they changed the name in the last six months.  I actually had not been in the building for quite a long time.  I think the last time I was there was for a 764-HERO show and they have not been together for years.  I remember back in the early 90s when it was called the Offramp.  Jason Finn who is the drummer for the Presidents of the United States of America used to book all of the acts that played there and I also remember him checking IDs at the door for the bar but that was before we became all famous and all.  I actually remember seeing Pearl Jam play there before they were called Pearl Jam.  I think one of their videos was also shot there.  All and all they have clean the place up since I was there last which is a good thing because they had many wires hanging from the ceiling and it was kind of a dump.
The first band was from San Francisco called Facing New York.  They were OK but not great in my opinion.  The rest were all local Seattle bands.  Forgive Durden played a short set but they were fun to see.  The guitarist broke a string on his guitar early on in the set and we had to wait around while the looked for a guitar strap when he switched guitars.  Finally he just got a loaner guitar with strap from one of the other bands.  The crowd was really into This Providence and they played a tight set.  I had heard that these guys were kind of a religious bunch but it did not come out to me in their style or in their music.
Last up was Gatsbys American Dream.  They actually had a fun idea for their CD release party.  If you went and bought their new CD at one of the Sonic Boom stores not only did you get a bonus CD with six songs that were either acoustic, demo, or live versions of their work, you also got a free wristband that got you into their CD release.  The CD was $9.99 and they were selling limited tickets at the door for $8 so you really could not go wrong and you got to get the CD about a week before the show.  As for the show itself they played the set as if you were listening to the CD with the songs in track order.  They had a couple of extra people play in the band on keyboards/secondary percussion and an extra guitar player.  Three of the songs they said they had never played live before.  All and all they sounded good.  They will be in out on tour starting now with the first stop being San Antonio.  For their encore they three older songs with their old guitar player joining them on stage.  I thought that was really cool of them to do that.


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