M’s vs. A’s (two days of games)

I went to the M’s games tonight and last night vs. the Oakland A’s.  Last night was my first game in the Diamond Club, which are the fancy seats right behind home plate.  They are extra big and extra padded compared to regular seats in Safeco Field.  You also get a all you can eat and drink meal beneath the stands before the game.  Here is a copy of the menu from last night:
Pesto Orzo Salad w/ Salami, Olives, Artichokes & Sundried Tomatoes
Baby Spinach & Pearl Onion Salad w/ Passion Fruit Vinaigrette
Apple, Avocado Salad w/ Tangerine Dressing
Alder Plank Roasted Salmon
Chicken & Green Onion Cobbler Packed w/ Vegetables
Stuffed Pork Medallions w/ Prosciutto, Ricotta & Red Pepper Relish
Rustic Roasted Red Potatoes w/ Rosemary & Garlic
Steamed Asparagus w/ Lemon Zest
Mushroom Mezzaluna w/ Cream Sauce & Fresh Herbs
Fresh Season Fruit Display
Dessert Bar
Needless to day it very good.  You get copies of the programs and scorecards  There is places to get bottles of soda or water.  You can get buckets of popcorn or kettlecorn.  You also can get warm peanuts.  The also have pretzels in the warmer and also a sundae bar.  Once you are in your seats they will also bring you a ton of different food choices be it a fruit bow, to hotdogs, fish & chips, etc just like you could get in other parts of the ball park.
The game was a fun game.  Joel Pineiro pitched a great game for the M’s as did Barry Zito for the A’s.  Zito did get in trouble in the first giving up a grand slam home run to Brett Boone.  It was only the M’s 11th homerun of the year.  The score then went to 4-1, 4-3, 4-4.  With the bases loaded in the seventh inning Greg Dobbs pinch hit for Bloomquist and he hit a bases clearing double.  The score then went to 7-5, then ended with 7-6.  The M’s pitching got out of big jams in the eight and ninth.  I should also say that last night was the smallest crowd in Safeco field history at just over 20K in attendance.
Tonight was another great pitching battle and I was back in my regular season ticket seats behind the M’s dugout.  Ryan Franklin gave up a walk and then a triple in the first and then he gave up a two run homer in the third and that was all the A’s needed as they win 3-0.  Franklin only had one strike out in his eight innings.  Rich Harden was amazing for the A’s.  He threw in the mid to high 90s mph for the whole game even after he had thrown over 100 pitches.  The M’s could not string together two hits in a row and only had one than one base runner on a few innings.  Even Ichiro hit into a double play!  Shin-Soo Choo got his first at bat of the year for the M’s and he grounded out to end the game.  Choo had been hitting well in AAA and it was great to see him called up with Spezio going on the disabled list.  Before the game I had heard that they had only sold 19K tickets for the game and maybe it was the free window clings giveaway but the announced attendance was 22K which still makes it one of the smallest Safeco crowds ever but not the smallest!  The M’s moved one game back in the AL West division as the Angles came from behind tonight in their game to now lead the division.  The season is now one tenth over.  In theory the M’s will go 81-81 for the year if you just take their record today and multiply by 10.


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