Sunday’s M’s vs. Indians game

Today I took my Dad to the game.  It was a great and sunny day.  Jamie Moyer was on the mound for the M’s and he did not disappoint the crowd.  The M’s scored in kind of an odd way in the first inning.  Ichiro got a hit.  He took second base on a balk.  On a ball hit to not even that deep of left field he was able to tag up and get to third.  The play would have been kind of close but the third baseman dropped the ball so it did not matter.  You do not see a lot of people with enough speed or a left fielder without enough arm to get the runner to third but Ichiro was able to come through.  He then scored on a deep sacrifice fly and the M’s were up 1 – 0 after the first.  The M’s got six runs in the sixth inning.  I felt bad for the Indian’s pitcher J. Davis who was in the game at that point.  He walked five guys in a row so that scored two of the six that inning before he was taken out.  I think he threw 15 straight balls in a row.  Moyer gave up one home run to Aaron Boone (the brother of Brett on the M’s) in the seventh and I am sure he could have gone the distance since he had a low pitch count but they brought in the closer in the ninth as the M’s went on to win 9 – 1.  I was really happy for Jamie who is setting a lot of records this year.  He got his 130th win as a Mariner which tied him with Randy Johnson as the most wins with the team.  He also got his four win of this season and considering he only had seven total last year it looks like he has come back from a bad year last year.  Soon he will also pass Randy Johnson in most strikeouts as a Mariner pitcher.  One thing that I do find a bit interesting about the team right now is Ichiro.  He kind of has been struggling since he hit a home run earlier in the week.  It is not as if he is swinging for the fences but he did have an 0 – 4 day on Friday and he did not hit well on any of the other days.  His average was down to .355 at the end of the game.  Hopefully he will rebound in Texas as the M’s go on the road.

In honor of Jamie’s win I attached a picture from a couple years ago at the Hutch Awards with Jamie his wife, my parents, my youngest brother, and me!


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