The Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy moive — my thoughts

To know the kind of person I am when I realized that The Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy was coming soon to a theatre near me the first thing I did was run out and buy the book.  I ended up with the Ultimate edition which has all of Douglas Adams novels all in one book.  I had read the book like 20 years ago and I wanted to read it again before I saw the movie.  I did the same thing before Lord of the Rings and I also did it with the Harry Potter books because I think the books will always be better that the movies.  The book was funnier than I remember.  On Friday I went and saw the movie.  The movie itself is also funny but deviates a bunch from the book.  In reading a few reivews after the fact Adams wanted to change up the script a bit to add in a plot change in the second act.  It was fine and it worked for the movie but there were parts of the book that I wished remained.  For example, at the begining of the book when Arthur’s house is going to be destroyed Ford comes along and talks the construction supervisor into take his place laying in front of the bulldozer in the mud to give Arthur a break and in return Arthur will later give him a break.  A few chapters later in the book there is great dialog between Ford and a security guard who is taking them to the airlook where he discusses job satifaction with the guard and what he might do different in his life and in the process they almost talk their way ouf of going into the airlock.  Lastly while the end of the movie is just as humorous and uses Marvin the depressed robot I enjoy the book version better where he was talking to the ship which in turn comitts suicide so it does not have to listen to Marvin anymore and in turn turns off the life support of the two people shooting at Ford, Arthur, and Trillian.

Overall it was very funny.  There was great casting all around and there are some people that might suprise you that they are in the movie.  The song at the beginning was good and who does not like to see dolphins?


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  1. says:

    Hi, can u tell me what the "The Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy " is? a book ? or a movie?Someone told me to find the meaning of "42" from it.

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