The Lashes show at Neumos

Friday night I went to Neumos to see The Lashes play.  The new CD will not be out until September but it now has a title "Get It".  They were doing a lot of filming of their set.  I really like the fact that they truely interact with the crowd.  They even brought up a 13 year old kid who had a birthday that day and gave hime a signed drumhead.

Race Track, a band I think from Bellingham opened and they were good for a young band of just a gal on guitar and a guy on bass and a drummer.  A note to the lead singer/guitar player, i think her name was Megan — you need to engage your crowd more while you play.  Make that connection instead of turing back and watching your drummer when you are not signing and just jamming.

Next was The Lonely H.  They band is going to be good once they figure out who they are.  It was a bunch of sixteen year olds.  The lead singer was really a a good singer and he played keyboards also.  They guys and gals were having fun.  The kind of reminded me at times of the Killers but then they would go and change of the tempo and the song themselves to something totally different.  They even ended their set with a little du-op (sp?).  They had a lot of support in the crowd.  It think the family members from the parents to siblings where there.  Since I am making notes to bands; The lead singer of Lonely H should invest in a mic stand.  You do not need to just stand there will the cord all wrapped up in your hands.  Get a stand and then you can have a little more fun with the rest of your band and the crowd.

Next up was Post Stardom Depression.  I had never seen these guys even though they have been playing around down for what seems like forever.  I have to say that these guys were great and they rocked.  It was totally the wrong set of bands for them to be playing with given the interests of the crowd but they did not care.  They sounded great with kind of that stoner rock vibe and I know I and some of the older people in the crowd (outside of the parents from Lonely H) really enjoyed their set.

The Lashes were last and they were fun, as usual.  The only comment I have is that this was the first time I had not seen Scotty wearing his Mickey Mouse shirt.  I was not sure if he had any other shirts — this is not a dis, I thought it was kind of fun that he always wore a Disney shirt, espically in a band that does not take itself seriously.


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