Another way to get free music — 25 songs a month

OK this one is kind of lame and because I am not a big fan of Real Networks I am not sure why I am even blogging about this but you can get free music from Real but it is only good when you listen to it over the net.  It might be a good way to listen to a full song before you go to MSN music or iTunes before you buy it. 

If you go to and install their Rhapsody music service software you are allowed to listen to 25 songs a month for free.  Now this is only 25 listens.  You can listen to one song 25 times or 25 songs one time in a month period.  You can only do this over the internet so they are not even allowing you to download a song with some digital rights management attached that causes it to stop working at the end of the month like Napster does with their music service.  Please be aware of the fact that Real is going to try and talk you into their $9.99 monthly service fee for unlimited listening or into getting you to buy songs from them at $0.99 a song.  Real does have a Napster like service for WMA players that costs $14.99 a month if that is your thing.

Actually I do have a secret motivation for writing this blog.  If you listen to 25 free songs a month from Real then they lose roughly $0.25 a month.  If enough people can do this then maybe they could lose hundreds if not thousands of dollars a month.


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