Microsoft’s latest joint venture

Since about a month ago I added a blog entry that tracks Microsoft’s mergers and acquisitions I thought I might make a few comments about the latest announcement they have made about a joint venture with SAP.  Here is a link to the press release Microsoft made.  “Mendocino” sounds like a great project for shareholders like myself and also for customers of both SAP and Microsoft Office.  The integration will be fairly rich between the two products.  If you have ever tried to suck data out of SAP and get it into an Excel PivotTable you know that it is not as easy as say doing the same thing from a SQL database.   There are also some great places where SAP can integrate with Exchange for workflow.  In many articles about this joint venture you see quotes from Lewis Levin who is a corporate VP of business intelligence working for Jeff Raikes, VP of the Information Worker division.  Lewis is familiar with Microsoft joint ventures having served as CEO of a previous Microsoft JV with Citybank and First Data Corp.; TransPoint.


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