Angles sweep M’s

There was a 3:35pm start for the M’s vs. the Angles today and I was there.  I had three extra tickets in the forth row behind the M’s dugout and I directly or via email invited over 200 people to come sit in the seats for free but I could find no takers.  Either everyone is working hard or no one likes me (or perhaps baseball).
The Angles went up by two runs and the M’s came back with two runs in the next innning.  Of course the Angles came up with another two runs in the next inning and the M’s could not counter.  They added another run late in the game the M’s lose 5-2 and get swept in the three game series at home.   Sele had a ton of full counts and I high pitch count.  Shiggy did a good job in relief.  Dan Wilson looked like he hurt himself running back to first and in the process of his slide taking out Erstad at first base.  He pulled himself out of the game with what looked like a knee problem which is never good for a cather.
The highlight of the losing game was that Brett Boone tossed me the ball after the third out was made at end of an inning.  I am 99% sure he was trying to hit one of the three boys with the gloves two rows behind me so I just turned and gave one of them the ball.
On Monday they started to give out All-Star ballots.  Vote early and vote often.  For the M’s they have Pokey Reese lised as the short stop.  He just got moved to the 60 day disabled list today and he has yet to play any time in regular season games for the M’s this year.
The M’s are now 12 – 16 for the year and 5 games back of the Angles for the division and only 4 games out of the Wild card. 


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