WANTED: New running partner

My little sister has been a good enough sport to come out with me and run 5Ks with me over the last six months.  Most of the time we were start together and then I would take off and leave her behind but by the time everything was said and done she would catch up to me. She would put up with me being a bit stressed as we road the shuttle to the starting line and then be there to give me a high five at the end of a race.  On Sunday she left the Seattle area to drive cross country to take a new job.  She will now be working as the academic advisor for the Department of Recreation, Sport and Tourism at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.  She will be responsible for advising approximately 350 undergraduates, facilitating the department/College of Applied Life Studies summer orientation, and teaching an orientation course for newly admitted students (among other duties).  A BIG perk is that she can take classes for free.  U of I has a reputable grad level (masters and PhD) recreation program so she could go that route if she decides to add a PhD to the masters she already has.

Good luck sis.  I will miss you and more than just as a running partner.

Here is a set of photos of her backing up and leaving town.


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