Album’s I am looking forward to

Note: I tried to post this early in the week but I think there is a strange bug with MSN Spaces.  I had text ready to submit but then I maximized my IE window and it seemed to refresh the webpage and I lost all of my content in the process.  I have tried to see if I could repro the problem again so I could report it to Microsoft but to no avail…

Here are some albums I am looking forward to coming out

  • Nine Inch Nails — [With_Teeth] (this one came out last Tuesday but I have yet to pick it up.
  • System of a Down — Mezmerize (5/17/05) (double CD).  BTW did you catch them on Saturday Night Live?  SNL missed an edit of the word F*ck.  I am surprised that they did not fix this for the West coast broadcast.  I am sure someone will complain and the FCC will be collecting a little $$
  • Audioslave — Out of Exile (5/24/05).
  • Coldplay — X&Y (6/7/05).
  • Foo Fighters — In Your Honor (6/7/05) (double CD).
  • Pearl Jam — Untitled (Summer 2005 — in March it was said it would be May but now there seems to be no date but it should be out before the Canada tour in September).
  • Super Deluxe — Untitled (Summer 2005)
  • The Lashes — Get It (I am now hearing September 2005 for the release)
  • Red Hot Chilli Peppers — Untitled (Just heard they were back in the studio but it is good to know that they are recording again)

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  1. Matthew says:

    I am in love with the NIN CD.I find it good rock. My friend likes it for the amazing drums that Dave Grohl layed down for the CD.

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