SPAM and blogs

Relatively speaking I am fairly new to the whole blogging scene.  In reading others blogs you seem comments about people SPAMing comments in blogs.  Some sites make you enter a code or answer a question or two before you can post a comment to prevent automatic SPAMing. 
What I have not seem comments about but happened in my blog is what I am going to call trackback SPAM.  I had a blog entry that talked about free music that you could download.  Yesterday and today I got a few trackbacks to it from websites that were trying to make money.  One site had something like "free ringtones" as part of the URL.  I did not look at the site to really see what else they were selling.  Another had something like "Free reebocks shoes" as part of the trackback link.  I think I ended up with four different URLs and one was listed twice.  I have since deleted them but just like people that send SPAM and people who SPAM comments to ruin a good thing.  I guess the nice thing about doing in the trackbacks is it is easy to remove them, at least in the MSN Spaces UI.


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  1. PATRICIA says:

    I have to agree with you about those people – however they thought enough of your space to trackback, I never get any trackbacks.from here – This is one of those “repeat comments” sorry about that but I am flying around spaces to meet as many people as I can and introduce myself as well as to see what everyone else is up to. I am playing around on Cyber 2 to get addresses, and also replying to those who have stopped by me space.Instead of taking a lot of time typing a comment (but I don’t want to stop and not say anything) I want to read your blogs, click on your links and get to know you. I will get back with you another time to actually comment on your site, blogs and links.Thanks for the visit and allowing visitors.

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