I saw Episode III: Thoughts on Revenge of the Sith

The saga is complete.  Tonight I went to the charity showing of Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith at the Seattle premiere showing.  The charity was Alliance for Education which I believe raises money for the public Seattle schools.  They had a big tent set up on the parking lot next to the Cinerama and there was lots to eat, food catered by Tom Douglas, and drink.  If you were in the $2000+ a seat class you got to go to a nice restaurant across the street instead of being in the big tent.  Rumors were abound who was hanging out in the restaurant including the likes of Microsoft’s Bill Gates.  I did see ex-Mariner, and hopefully in a few years Hall of Famer, Edgar Martinez with his lovely wife Holly enter the theatre having left the restaurant.  They had a child in a full Darth Vader costume.  I attached a photo of me, Darth Vader, Boba Fett, and my youngest brother from inside the tent.
We got a back full of stuff and we also got food in the theatre including the light and dark side M & Ms.  I just finished reading the novel version of the movie last night so it was fresh in my mind.  The movie itself was really good.  I thought it was better than the last two.  The pace was good and whereas the book could take the time to really build up the reasons why Anikan goes to the dark side the movie seemed to keep things moving.  The book actually just touches on (actually I should warn that this might be a SPOILER but if you have read this far you probably do not care) Yoda going to help out those on the Wookie planet but the movie has a few cool scenes.  The killing of the Jedi was fairly good on how they did it but one thing the book does a better job of is helping you to understand on why the clone troopers accept the order to turn on the Jedi.  George Lucas did a good job with this one.  The acting was great.  The special effects were impressive, including the opening scenes.  The lightsaber fighting was original and you really did not find yourself getting tired of it at all.
All and all it was a great film.  The event was fun and I look forward to May 19th so that I can go see it again somewhere (actually I think work rented out a theatre for us but I have to get up at something like 8 am to see it).  Locally out in Monroe they have a new DLP 2K setup in a new theatre that opened there and the word is that it is the place to see it (over the amazing Cinerama).  I might have to make a trip out there.  I hear they will be showing it 24 hours a day!


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2 Responses to I saw Episode III: Thoughts on Revenge of the Sith

  1. LegoHamlet says:

    I saw the film opening Friday. I was very happy with it. It made up for the two stinkers before this. I was a HUGE fan of the original trilogy. I\’ve seen each of the first movies at least 30 times. I LOVED the way they tied everything in to the later movies. That was my favorite part. Of course there were continuity problems. The biggest was Leia\’s recollections of her "real" mother discussion from Ep6. I think Padme going into hidding would have been better than the funeral. I\’ve talked to lots of other fans about this and there are two conclusions. (1) Leia never knew Padme was her real mother and her adopted mother was sad all the time because of the Empire. (2) Leia is a lying bitch.Anyway, it was great and I want to see it again!

  2. Aaron says:

    The thing I find strange is how can R2D2 just hop out of the star fighter and also fly around all of the time but yet in A New Hope he as to be lowered into the X-Wing with a suction cup thing on his dome. Does he just get old and lose some functionality.Also we know that C3PO gets his memory whiped but why would R2D2 not tell him what previously had happened like he was made by Vader??BTW Daniel do you still have your Pepsi can collection from Episode I? I found the majority of my set when going through some boxes the other day. Too funny.

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