Game 15 at Safeco: M’s vs. Red Sox

Maybe I should take my Mom to the M’s games more often as tonight the M’s killed the World Series champs, the Boston Red Sox 14-7.  There were lots of homeruns in the game including Sexson (the scoreboard was flashing “Big Sexy” for the 6-8 first baseman), Ibanez going back to back with Sexson, and Beltre with a three run home run.  Mateo came in for Pineiro who got a high pitch count early in the game for the win for the M’s.
I think I am going to start the Ichiro count to his 1000th hit in the American major league.  Going into tonight he had 972 hits in 668 games.  That is a career pace of 1.45509 hits per game.  Tonight he went 3 for 3 with an intentional walk.  He was on pace to get to 1000 hits by his 688th game but if he can pick up the pace just a little bit he can rope in Chuck Klein who did it in the shortest amount of time in 683 games.  Tonight he moved to a pace of 1.457399 hits per game and a projection of the 687th game (which would be 6/4 at home against TB).
Go M’s, let us see if we can make it two wins in a row now and move the record beyond 14 – 21 which is 5.5 games back in the West and 7 games back in the wild card.


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