Game 18 at Safeco: M’s vs. Yankees

Taking two of three from Boston gave the M’s a good buzz.  That buzz was not enough to have a LOT of empty seats in the building (around 10000!).  Maybe it was because it was a Monday night, maybe it was because the M’s have been not doing so well, maybe it was that the Yankees have not been doing so well (although they were like 8-2 in their last 10 coming into the game).

The M’s took the lead in the bottom of the first and in about the seventh the guy I sit next to pointed out that the M’s had not had a hit since the first.  By the third it was 2-1 M’s.  This lasted until the top of the seventh.  Shiggy struggled and the bases were loaded and he was pulled.  The M’s should have gotten out of the inning when Tino Martinez hit a ball to third which was thrown home for an out but then on the way from home to first it was dropped by Sexson at first.  JJ Putz came in and on his first pitch he game up a grand slame home run to Bernie Williams.  This kind of sucks for Putz as he game up a grand slame home run on Saturday to the Boston Red Sox.  On Saturday it was more of a battle and the guy took a tough pitch yard.  In this case Williams just killed it.  The M’s scored in the bottom of the seventh but the Yankees got it back in the eight and they went on to beat the M’s 6-3.  It was not a great game for Sexson.  He had three strikeouts and went 0-4 for the day.  Also of note was that David Hansen is now 0-5 or is it 6?? as a pintch hitter.

Ichiro watch.  Ichiro went 1-4 giving him 978 hits in 672 games.  His average is now 1.455357 hits per game.  This gives him a projection of getting his 1000th hit in game 687 (687.1166) which is still four games off of setting the record.


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