Game 19 at Safeco: M’s vs. Yankees

Well I was back at Safeco field on Tuesday night to see if the M’s could rebound.  It was not meant to be.  The highlight of the evening for me was in the bottom of the fourth.  There were two outs for the M’s and Sexson was up with a 0-1 count.  I noticed that Carl Pavano still had a no hitter so I yelled out telling him not to blow it and my brother yelled “super sikeout” and on the next pitch Sexon got a hit.  I am fairly certain that the pitcher can hear me from my seats.  Everyone around me cheered.  Ibanez followed up with a hit next but that was it for awhile.  Pavano ended up with a shutout and the Yankees won 6-0.  A-rod and Giambi went yard in the game.  It was Mateo’s first start as a Mariner.  I am not sure what to think of his outing.  I think he did OK but he did get the loss.  David Hansen came in to relieve Beltre and went 1-2 so he has his first hit of the year for the M’s but he still does not have a hit as a pinch hitter.  The good news if there really was any was that the whole American League West lost tonight.  While the M’s are now 15-24 they are still tied with Oakland for third place in the division.  They are seven games back in the division and eight games back in the wild card.  Lots of empty seats in the building again tonight.  Many sections in the corners and outfield on the 300 level were empty.  The crowd was even smaller than Monday night.  I would guess 12-15000 empty seats.

Ichiro watch:  Well this was not a good night for Ichiro.  He went 0-4 with one strikeout.  This means 978 hits in 673 games.  His hits per games falls to 1.453195.  It also moves him forward one game in time to his projected 1000th hit to game #688 (688.1391) which would be (6/4/04 against Tampa Bay).  Matching or breaking the record as the quickest to 1000th hits looks not too good right now but Ichiro can heat up at any time.


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